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About the Cascadia Store

You are the Cascadia Movement!

The Cascadia Store is a 501(c)3 program of the Department of Bioregion with the mission of supporting the Cascadia movement.

All sales support our nonprofit activities and programs. If you would like to support the Department of Bioregion, get special membership gear and access to our discount member store, you can do so here.

The Creators Pledge:

We are proud to partner with the flag designer Alexander Baretich and the Cascadian Flag Cooperative. A portion of all sales through this site goes to Alexander Baretich, the flag designer.

Kotis Design:

This store is hosted in partnership with Kotis Design, a Seattle based company. They work with many local organizations and businesses. For all orders, they handle the inventory management, shipping and customer support. You can learn more about KOTIS here.

Clothing Brands:

  • Hoodies, we are using Royal Apparel 100% organic cotton, which is labor run, ethically sourced and made in the United States.
  • Shirts, we are using Allmade Organic Cotton and Tri-Blend. While not USA made, they work hard to ethically source their material, and use labor practices to minimize damage to the environment.

Packaging & Production

KOTIS does their own in house screen printing, and is certified green, meaning they use sustainable practices, degreasers and inks.

For packaging, they use: 

  • Compostable Bubble Mailers
  • Compostable Plant Based Box Tape
  • Recyclable Poly Mailers
  • Recyclable Pillows

We are always striving to do better.

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